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In our world of digital madness, life sometimes loses its mystery, however, softly spoken words  that translate scent to memory sometimes have the loudest voice, and reveal the greatest mysteries,  this is “Thin Air”   Thin Air, the new scent from Stonehouse perfume transcends the invocation of it own structure. The scent of frozen winter berries appear in a sudden burst  then dissappear only to mysteriously re emurge  later and harmonize amoung the musk softened woods and magnolia blossoms.   Thin Airs dissapearing act makes space for emergingnotes of  Jasmin , orange blossom and green leaves.  Thin Air seems to “evolve” on the wearer, it changes within it’s surroundings, step outside and the fragrance will almost meld with the air, assimilating it’s scent and adding it to its own. Top notes:, frozen berries, sugar cane, Pink grapefruit Middle notes: green leaves, Lavender, neroli, jasmin Base: Patchouli, Amber, wood, vanilla

Thin Air Perfume 10 ml Roll on

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